How To Find a One Piece Swimsuit With Padding

Whether you’re looking for a one piece bathing suit with padding to get that extra lift or simply prefer to have a little bit more coverage on those family beach days, you must know your options before you start shopping. 

Let’s look at the most common types of swimsuit padding. 

Bust Support Options

Removable Cups

Removable cups are a great compromise between support and comfort. The soft, moulded cups give your bust some lift and shape while preventing your nipples from showing through your bathing suit. 

The best thing about them is that you can simply remove them as you please, letting you try a different look at a moment’s notice. 

Our long torso bathing suits all have removable, soft moulded cups - they are not push-up or bust enhancement pads, they simply gently shape the breasts and provide some extra coverage. 

If you have a smaller bust or prefer the natural shape of your bust, you can simply take them out and wear your swimsuit as is - after all, our Longpieces are double-lined in the same high-quality stretch fabric which means that it is thicker than most one-piece suits on the market, which are usually made of one layer of lycra and a thin lining. 

Underwire Top

For those of you with bigger busts, a style with underwire may provide more support. 

The metal wire is sewn into the swimsuit, covered by fabric and sits under your bust like a bra, giving you some lift without any additional padding. 

It can be a bit trickier to find the perfect underwire one piece swimsuit as sizing often goes by bra size, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the perfect fit in the body - especially if you’re tall like us. But you’re in luck, underwire bikinis are all the rage this summer!

Shelf Bra

Shelf bras or built-in bras look and feel a bit like sports bras and can be a good alternative to underwire swimwear for those of you who are blessed with a larger bust. They also suit women with smaller busts that are looking for more lift. 

Shelf bras are usually hidden in swimsuits and are not used as a visible feature, unlike underwires. A large elastic band sits under your breasts and a mesh panelling is usually inserted into the swimsuit along with moldable bra cups to provide some shape.

Other Features to look for in a swimsuit 

The number one thing to look for when shopping for a new swimsuit is the quality of both the fabric and the construction. 

There is nothing more disappointing than a swimsuit with flimsy underwire, a cheap elastic band and low-quality fabric; a good-quality fabric will make you feel secure and supported. 

That is why we don’t use lining but rather self-line our swimsuits with a double layer of our premium recycled Italian-made lycra - this has a compression-like effect that will keep you feeling held in all the right places.

We find that this fabric along with removable soft moulded cups provides enough bust support for most women while being of the utmost comfortability, which is essential in our book. 

The construction of a bathing suit also makes a huge difference. All of our swimsuits are handmade in Australia by a team of local seamstresses with decades of experience in the industry; this allows us to have full oversight over the production process, perform strict quality control as well as benefit from their wealth of knowledge. 

When it comes to choosing a style, you may want to check out our Staple Longpiece if you need more bust support as it features wider shoulder straps and removable cups. 

Where to buy one piece swimsuits with padding in Australia

You have come to the right place! Not only will your one piece bathing suit be long enough, but it will have removable cups, giving you just the right amount of support as well as the option to go without. 

We express ship worldwide so that you can feel fabulous in no time!

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