How To Tell If Your Swimsuit Is Too Short

You finally order the swimsuit that everyone’s been raving about online, you know, the one with hundreds of positive reviews that everyone has been wearing on the ‘gram. You put it on, all excited and…. It doesn’t look anything like in the photos. We’ve been there.

As longer women, it’s sometimes hard to know if a swimsuit actually fits us properly or if we have simply gotten used to ill-fitting one-pieces. 

It’s not until we actually designed our own swimwear that we realized that we had never had a swimsuit that was actually long enough!

So how can you tell if your swimsuit is too short for your body?

You find yourself pulling at it all day

If you take two steps and your one-piece goes from full coverage to thong you know it’s too short. We have nothing against more revealing styles but we believe that one should choose whether or not she wants to show off her assets or not. 

Our swimsuits are fully seamless as we find it more flattering. And, because our swimsuits are made for long people, they won’t dig in to your hips or your butt. 

It feels tight in the crotch 
If you are longer in the crotch you’ll know the feeling. Designing long swimwear doesn’t simply mean adding length in the torso - we’ve tested our swimsuits on dozens of tall women and realized that most of us are longer from the crotch to the hip so we adjusted our designs accordingly. 

It pulls on your shoulders 
There’s nothing worse than a swimsuit that pulls on your shoulders because there’s not enough fabric, giving you that dreaded hunched over position that would look unflattering on anyone. 

You may not even realize that you’re doing it! Next time you’re wearing a one-piece, stand up straight with your shoulders back: your boobs should not want to escape. If they do, that’s a good sign that your swimsuit is not long enough. 

The bra or the cups don’t hit at the right spot
The whole point of having a built-in bra or cups is to offer some support and coverage; if the cups are covering your belly button rather than your breasts we can all agree that they’re useless. The cups should fit comfortably over your chest and, if there is underwire, it should sit comfortably under your breasts. Our Longpieces have removable cups so you can decide if you want that extra layer of padding or not. 

Now, try on those swimsuits in your wardrobe and think about how they make you feel. We believe that a good one-piece should make you look and feel nothing less than fabulous! 

We’d love for you to give our Longpieces a try - we promise that you’ll never dread a day at the beach again. You can shop our full collection at

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