One-Piece vs Bikini: Which Team Are You On?

An old age debate in every friend group: one-piece or bikini? It seems to be a divisive question so we thought we’d share our thoughts on the subject… 

And contrary to what you may think, we don’t hate bikinis hehe. 

The One-Piece


Is there anything easier than slipping on a one-piece swimsuit? Didn’t think so. No complicated straps to tie or bottoms to adjust to figure out the most flattering height on the hips - a one-piece does all the hard work for you (or rather, our design team did, but ya know).


If you like rolling around in the sand and if watersports are your jam, then you’ll no doubt prefer the comfort of a one-piece swimsuit - no risk of losing your bikini bottom while wakeboarding and flashing the family (true story, unfortunately).


Modern one-pieces are stylish and can become a staple in your day to day wardrobe. Just add your favorite pair of shorts or a long flowy skirt and statement earrings and wear it as a bodysuit - classy enough to be dressed up or down and guaranteed to get you a VIP table at Scorpios on your next Grecian holiday (ok, we can’t guarantee that will happen, but if it does you can thank us later). 

The Bikini

Show Off That Body

Nothing like a skimpy bikini to showcase what your mama gave ya! A good bikini is a guaranteed head-turner - if it makes you feel confident, go on and flaunt it.

Sunbathing Essential 

We’re big proponents of fake tanning here at Longpiece - no one should be spending hours in the sun to achieve a golden glow and skin cancer is real, especially here in Australia. But if you want to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, a bikini definitely exposes more skin (don’t forget that SPF 50 please). 

Custom Sizing

One of the big advantages of bikinis is being able to purchase different sizes for top and bottom - perfect if you have more curves in the hips and a smaller bust. 

It was also sometimes the only option for us tall girls...until now! Making you feel comfortable and confident is our mission - watch this space for trendy, sexy one-piece swimsuits with enough fabric for your long limbs

What to consider when buying your first one-piece bathing suit

Bum coverage and leg cut is a big one as a one-piece won’t be as adjustable as a bikini bottom; we find a medium-full bum coverage and medium leg cut to be the most flattering as it elongates the leg and doesn't dig in like a lower leg cut and full bottom would. 

There’s a happy middle between a thong and the current grandma-like styles on offer - and yes, we’ve found it.

Bust support is important to consider, especially if you’ve been blessed in the boobie department. From underwires to shelf bras and removable soft cups, the options are endless. Read up on how to find a one-piece swimsuit with padding

Length! If you’re tall or have a long torso, you know the struggle

Feeling like your boobs want to make an escape, getting an instant wedgie as soon as you take a step… FUN TIMES. Happy to report that we’ve added enough fabric throughout the entire swimsuit (and not just in the torso) for that to be a thing of the past - sign up to our newsletter to be the first to get your hands on a Longpiece! 

At the end of the day, we believe that the best option is the one that makes you feel the most confident. And every woman should have at least one good bikini and one fabulous one-piece in her wardrobe - let’s stop assuming that women choose to wear one-pieces to hide their bodies, this is not the 1930s anymore and both are just as sexy as each other. 

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